Our History

Providing Private Radiology Services since 1922

Private Radiology has been practiced in Hamilton since 1922, when Dr Harold E Harris established the first radiology practice. In 1956, Dr Harris retired from his practice, which was taken over by Dr David R White. Over the years to follow, Radiologists who joined the practice were Doctors Keith Robertson, Robin Gee, Hugh Douglas, Malcolm Baigent, S. Muthukumaraswarmy (Muthu) and Alison Sommerville. 

The original practice which was located in Victoria Street; moved to 210 Collingwood Street in the fifties, then to 200 Collingwood Street for the following twenty years most Hamilton Radiology services moved from Collingwood Street in December 2010 to the Anglesea Medical Complex with all specialists’ services having moved to the Anglesea Imaging Centre in 2008.  The last X-ray branch moved from Collingwood Street in December 2011 and finally Collingwood Street closed with all key service and administration now based at Anglesea Clinic.

Hamilton Radiology now has eleven Radiologists currently practicing at Hamilton Radiology they are Doctors: Gavin Davis, Diane Sommerville, Barry Chatterton, Michael Swarbrick, Glenn Coltman, John Dumble, Damon Blair, Diana Balog and Hament Pandya. Then joining the practice in 2011 was Dr Leigh Harvey and in 2012 Dr Rose Newman. All of these doctors are Hamilton based with two Radiologists Dr Greg Hunt and Dr Andrew Klava being Rotorua based supporting the Rotorua Mokoia Practice. The Radiologists are supported by 70 technical and admin staff over 8 locations. 

Radiology has progressed rapidly since 1922: from basic x-rays with manual film processing to high-tech imaging with Computerised Radiology. Hamilton Radiology was the first Private Practice in New Zealand to become fully accredited by the International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) in 1994.  Hamilton Radiology opened its specialized Anglesea Imaging Centre in April 2008. This facility houses, general X-Ray, Fluoroscopy and eight Ultrasound rooms using the latest 3D/4D Philips iU22 technology.

Anglesea Women's Health moved from its Knox street rooms to the Anglesea Imaging Centre in 2008 offering a comprehensive Women's Imaging service with Mammography. In 2013 Anglesea Women’s installed the first digital mammography unit in the region which offers better images and lower radiation dose for clients. All Anglesea Women’s radiologists are accredited breast screening Radiologists. Anglesea women’s also offers Breast Ultrasound and Biopsy's service.

In 2011 Hamilton Radiology took the bold step of installing the regions first PET-CT scanner, PET standing for Positron Emission Tomography. Midland PET-CT represents Hamilton Radiology’s move into the exciting and rapidly developing field of Molecular Imaging. 

All of Hamilton Radiology branches are linked by a PACS (picture archiving and communication system) which is a medical imaging technology which provides storage and convenient access of all images. PACS delivers timely and efficient access to images for radiologists and referrer review.

Hamilton Radiology future is bright as they lead the way in serving the people of the Waikato and Rotorua districts with the best technology and people delivering a radiology service.

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