iU22 Intelligent Ultrasound System

Changing the world of ultrasound

We are pleased to let you know that we have the latest state - of - the - art ultrasound system in our Centre. Our phillips iU22 Intelligent Ultrasound System allows us to obtain more diagnostic information on your patients.

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Delivering unparalleled image quality

Vascular Imaging

A new vascular imaging package allows us to see variations of normal blood flow within organs, distinct from abnormal flow patterns.

Laminar Flow

True laminar flow within carotid arteries can be seen directly with exquisite vessel wall detail. Even the most subtle inflammatory changes associated with shoulder capsulitis, can now be detected.

Even the most subtle inflammatory changes of blood flow, associated with shoulder capsulitis, can be detected.


Musculoskeletal imaging takes a big step forward with imaging up to 17MHz creating the finest detail of superficial structures. 


SonoCT is a compound imaging technique which removes artifact from images. Cleaning up image margins, cysts and tendon borders to allowing confident diagnoses.

Widescan and panorama imaging is now available to encompass the region of interest including landmarks.

3D and 4D Imaging

17" flat panel monitor for real time image viewing.

3D including realtime, 4D, imaging is available for the first time in a practical way, at the touch of a button.

3D images are available for your patients to enjoy. Something we can all understand in a picture. With real time imaging in the 3D mode we can see movement. This has clinical application in reiwing mass lesions and their relation to structures around them.


Ultrasound takes another step toward true life like images.

Delivering more consistent results. 

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