Why have an MCU?

An MCU (Micturating Cystourethrography) is used to demonstrate whether reflux is occurring while micturating (urinating). This is the backward flow of urine from the bladder back up to the kidneys via the ureters, instead of forward flow out of the urethra. This can be dangerous if left untreated, as it may cause renal (kidney) damage.

Preparing for the test:

There is no preparation needed prior to an MCU.

The procedure:

The procedure is conducted under very strict aseptic technique to avoid introducing an infection into the renal tract. The Radiologist will firstly cleanse the urethra area with savlon. Then a very small tube is passed through the urethra into the bladder, this may sting just a little. Then a liquid consisting of contrast media (see contrast media for more information) and saline is introduced. When you feel you need to urinate, tell the Radiologist and a pan or bottle is given to you. While you urinate the Radiologist can see on the x-ray screen whether reflux is occurring or not and if so to what extent.

At the completion of the examination:

The tiny tube is removed and you may go home. The Radiologist may be able to give you a verbal result at the end of the examination. You can eat and drink normally. The contrast media will not be noticeable in your urine. You may notice spotting when you urinate; this may be due to the tiny tube scratching the inside wall of your urethra, and this should only last a short time. If you are concerned, contact your referring doctor.

After the examination

The radiologist will review the pictures and provide a written report to your referring doctor. 

Please settle your account on the day of the examination.

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