What is a Ductogram?

A Ductogram is an X-ray procedure that outlines the ducts inside a segment of the breast. It is usually recommended for patients who have persistent blood stained or dark discharge from the nipple.

The discharge must be present for the examination to proceed, as the Radiologist must be able to identify the relevant duct opening.

How is a Ductogram performed?

The patient assists by expressing a very small amount of discharge so that the Radiologist can locate the duct opening. The Radiologist then inserts a fine blunt needle into the duct opening. This should not be painful as it enters the opening and is not an ‘injection’.

The Contrast Agent

At Anglesea Women’s Health we use non-ionic contrast agents exclusively, the safest and best-tolerated agents available on the world market. In the vast majority of cases this causes no complications at all.

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