CT Cardiac Angiography


What is CT Coronary Angiography?

CT Cardiac Angiography is a radiology procedure designed to look at the coronary arteries of the heart without the need for an invasive cardiac catheter study.

What to expect prior to the procedure.

You will be asked lots of questions!

Our booking and imaging staff will ask you questions about your health, and you will have a medical questionnaire to fill in before the scan.

This information is needed to make sure you get the appropriate preparation for the scan, and help the Radiologist to correctly analyse the results. This information is subject to our strick confidentiality procedures and protected under the privacy regulations.

What happens during a CT Cardiac Angiogram?

When you arrive for your scan, our nurse will get you changed into an examination gown and take your pulse / blood pressure and an intravenous line will need to be placed in your right arm.  They will go over your medical questionnaire, explain what will happen during the sacan and this is a good opportunity to ask questions if you have any.

You may also be given a small tablet to control and stabilise your heart.  This ensures we get clear images of the heart.

You will walk through to the CT room and lie on the scanner couch.  Three ECG leads will be placed on your chest (yes, if necessary, you will have to be shaved a little)

You will move through the scanner five times; four planning runs and a final angiogram.  The Radiographer will be with you between the scans, the whole scanning process is usually finished in 10 minutes.

Do I have an injection?

You will be given an intravenous injection of contrast medium.  This will provide the Radiologist extra information about the smaller structures of the heart.  A consent form will be given to you prior to the examination.

How long does it take?

The actual CT scan will be completed within 30 minutes, although attendance may take up to 2 hours.

What happens after the test?

When you are finished you can get dressed and go.  If you have taken a beta blocker you should refrain from any strenuous exercise for the next 24 hours, otherwise you should be fine to carry on your usual activities.

When will the results be available?

Results of your CTCA are not available on the day of your examination.  The scan data needs to be interpreted by a Radiologist (a special Doctor trained in imaging techniques) and a written report will be sent to the doctor that referred you.  All questions regarding your results should be directed to your Doctor.


To make an appointment for your CTCA please phone 0800 4273828.

CTCA performed at Hamilton Radiology is covered partially or fully by all VIP and First Cover Plans.

Prior Approval Required.

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