Vascular Ultrasound

Modern ultrasound machines show a black and white image of the soft tissues. They can superimpose a colour image of blood flow upon this. Using Doppler, we can measure the speed and direction of the blood flow.

Preparation for this Scan?

There is no special preparation for this scan.

How long will it take?

On average the scan takes 30-40 minutes.

Who will scan me?

Your scan will be performed by a Sonographer (a technician who is trained in ultrasound).

After the scan the Radiologist will send a report to your referring Specialist, General Practitioner or Physiotherapist.

Indications for Vascular Ultrasound:

Some of the indications are given below.


Many strokes are caused by abnormal blood flow in the neck. These are easily examined with colour Doppler ultrasound.

High Blood Pressure/Kidneys:

The blood flow to, and within the kidney can be assessed to look for a cause for high blood pressure.

Arterial Bypass Grafts:

Regular (6-12 monthly) examination of these grafts is essential. The detection of early graft failure can allow the graft to be revised before it fails.

Varicose Veins:

These are usually done on referral from a surgeon. The type of varicose vein abnormalities can be mapped and marked pre-operatively to help your Surgeon.

These are the main uses. Other applications can be discussed with the Radiologist at Hamilton Radiology.

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